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Please see our PVR guide for details on how to set up the Tvheadend PVR add-on.

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If you are doing an off-line installation of Kodi and won't have an internet connection when you change the language preferences then you will need to download the language add-on ahead of time. If your Android device already has the Google Play store installed, and you are using an official version of Kodi from, then you can update directly from the Play store.Due to the new system requirements and lack of needed updates from the OUYA company, OUYA's Android-based OS is unable to run Kodi v15.Skip steps is a new seeking function that has been implemented into Kodi as of v15, and is a method of additive skipping (also known as additive seeking) that applies to both videos and music.This allows the user to skip backwards and forwards with the left and right cursor keys (this is the default keyboard and remote mapping), and by pressing these keys multiple times they can skip with increasingly larger steps.As long as you call it version 15/v15/Isengard, then everyone in the community will know what you are talking about.

Team Kodi is attempting to release more often in order to help with stability of the program and to adapt more quickly to changes in media.

Unfortunately, the AFP client has now been removed from Kodi.

When AFP was first added to Kodi (then called XBMC) it was to help those Mac users who had issues with SMB sharing.

The OUYA hardware can still be used for Kodi, but will need a replacement for the OUYA OS.

There is a work-in-progress guide in doing so at HOW-TO: Install Cyanogen Mod on OUYA.

However, the AFP client has always had major crashing issues, and the open source project behind it was no longer maintained.