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The Nri people of Igbo land have a creation myth which is one of the many creation myths that exist in various parts of Igbo land.

The Nri and Aguleri people are in the territory of the Umueri clan who trace their lineages back to the patriarchal king-figure Eri.

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Each king traces his origin back to the founding ancestor, Eri. The initiation rite of a new king shows that the ritual process of becoming Ezenri (Nri priest-king) follows closely the path traced by the hero in establishing the Nri kingdom. Elochukwu Uzukwu The rules regarding these taboos were used to educate and govern Nri's subjects.This meant that, while certain Igbo may have lived under different formal administration, all followers of the Igbo religion had to abide by the rules of the faith and obey its representative on earth, the Eze Nri.and royal burials have been unearthed dating to at least the 10th century.Eri, the god-like founder of Nri, is believed to have settled the region around 948 with other related Igbo cultures following after in the 13th century.Speaking to Osita on this, he says he is getting married to a Ghanaian, and they are opting for a secret wedding.

Recall that Osita was spotted on the beach chilling with a beautiful Ghanaian actress, Nana Ama Mc Brown sometime in November.Traditional Igbo political organization was based on a quasi-democratic republican system of government.In tight knit communities, this system guaranteed its citizens equality, as opposed to a feudalist system with a king ruling over subjects."Red Ibo" (or "red eboe") describes a black person with fair or "yellowish" skin.This term had originated from the reported prevalence of these skin tones among the Igbo but eastern Nigerian influences may not be strictly Igbo.With us, they do no more work than other members of the community,… (except that they were not permitted to eat with those… Contrary to common belief, European slave traders were fairly well informed about various African ethnicities, leading to slavers' targeting certain ethnic groups which plantation owners preferred.