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While La La and Maino strongly deny any cheating, Patrice wrote on Instagram, “How does it feel to be the slut responsible for his daughter never waking up to her father again” and, “@lala does your husband know that your hoe ass has been f - - king my daughters father.

That you slept over his house the other night after the movies.” Patrice included Anthony in another Instagram attack, XXL magazine reported: “Your [sic] a disgrace to women everywhere. @carmeloanthony.” A source close to La La tells us she and Maino are friends, but she did not go to the movies with him and they are not in a relationship. [Patrice] is jealous of their friendship, but there’s no truth to her cheating with him at all,” said the insider.

“He came into the area they were in, the green room where everyone was sitting.

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A rep for La La adds: “I can confirm this is absolutely not true.” Maino’s rep added, “All rumors are false.” Patrice, who says she has a daughter with Maino, has since deleted the posts.’s Olivia may just have a new boo this season (sorry, Darrelle Revis) and the culprit is NY rapper Maino. The new season of the “reality” show premieres November 14 on VH1, so the timing is perfect for this. Heckstall is now reportedly planning to sue those involved in the shooting.Among those she has filed a complaint against is the NYPD for how they treated her in the aftermath of the shooting.In my mind, a woman can't be with one man, a person's best friend, and then be with him.

It just didn't, I couldn't imagine that, I couldn't fathom it.And I'm like, damn, Jermaine was with her, and I confronted him, but he never admitted to being with her, ever." ON WHETHER SHE EVER CONFRONTED LIL KIM: "The only time I saw her, I saw her twice with him.It was at a video shoot, and one was at, he did a show, I don't even want to remember that. But, maybe it was my naievete at the time, I still thought that, I thought he was screwing her manager Hillary at the time. I knew it was one of them, but I didn't think it was her initially.Until calls in the middle of the night, and then I got so much proof after we were broken up.I mean people were telling me they were together the whole time. The times when you thought they were together, they were together.Initial reports suggested that the rapper opened fire after getting into a confrontation with Maino.