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“Even though I don’t listen to a ton of Muse, Matt Bellamy makes his guitar sound really cool. I also looked up to Jonny Greenwood, who created his own sound.”Unlike Jonny you’re the only guitarist in your band.

The greats always sound unique - compare Robert Johnson’s super-mono, lo-fi, yet perfect slide recordings to Eruption by Eddie Van Halen, that super iconic sound. Is there a way to counteract not having another guitarist thickening up the sound when playing live?

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Same with Fugazi, because I didn’t really ever go there myself.“It became boring being just a guitar player, so electronic stuff is what I gravitated to - I wanted to take my guitar and do things to it that were more interesting. I appreciate anyone that does unconventional things with their instrument.Puget explains how it all came to be, revealing a surprising love of Slayer and shred in the process…When did you realise that the guitar would be your true calling?“So I looked for new things, and for a while I used the Hotrodded Plexis with the Billie Joe mod, where they crossed two of the inputs and did some weird modifications. I always think people know about Diamond Amps but everywhere I go, no one seems to recognise them.

“Diamond make a bunch of different heads - the Nitrox has just the right sound that I wanted.“When I’m at home, I’ll happily do it for two hours, it’s fun but not necessarily appropriate for AFI.That said, playing punk is fast - doing tight rhythms on all six strings the whole way through the song - it takes a lot of wrist. “You know, I’ve been in bands for over two decades and I’ve never broken a string on stage once.I just fell in love with it immediately and it all went from there.”Looking back on everything you’ve put your name to, there’s clearly more than punk influences at play? “It was when I started listening to blues guys like Robert Johnson, who was my favourite of them all, and BB King.Which makes no sense when you consider I came from the punk/hardcore world…“When I was in high school, I had mono [glandular fever ] - it’s like a sickness you get for a couple of months.