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“He’s been known to do that,” said Poehler, “He says, ‘Hey, I’ve got a really cool storage unit. He taught in his basement for, like, fifteen years before he made it in Hollywood — or ‘Holly Weird’, as he likes to call it. Adam is such a rare combination of a tremendously real actor and a very facile, comedic performer,” she says. I gotta really big storage unit that I want you to see,’ and I go, ‘Okay,’ and then he just drags me around the corner and pulls his pants down. Like, we’ll be doing a scene and we’ll look down and Adam won’t have any pants on, and we’ll be like, ‘Adam! And man, he just loves to talk about craft, process. ’ And he’ll be like, ‘No, no, no.’ I’ll be, like, ‘Oh, sorry. “Adam has this technique which is really cool,” she says, “which is when the camera’s on me and I’m talking to him, he turns around and makes me deliver the lines to the back of his head. It’s a challenge because it makes me be like, ‘Right, right, I guess I’m not really delivering.’ It’s those little things that for some people make him seem like a total just terrible person to work with. But the weird thing is that his two penises act like a rudder and he can steer with those.” • But really, folks, Amy Poehler loves Adam Scott. “So he can go really fun and funny and big, and likes to be really stupid, but in the real moments in between those moments, which I feel proud of that we have on our show, he’s just really such a good actor ... I mean, I don’t know where it started, and I really hope it ends kind of soon, because it’s really getting in the way of our call times and everything.

"But I think people didn't want to do the wrong thing by me.So I've got them right where I want them." He has not played since the Masters, keeping to the same schedule as last year. - Adam Scott's wedding was so secret that not even his guests knew about it. "So then they had no idea that it was going to happen.One day after the former Masters champion revealed he married Swedish architect Marie Kojzar in the Bahamas, he shared a few details about how he kept the wedding a surprise — and how he managed to go three months before anyone found out. So that was the fun little game for me and Marie to play for a while, planning it and stuff." They were married April 17, the Thursday after the Australian tied for 14th at the Masters. He said, quite sincerely, “I just love, love working with her so much that if I could, I would love to work with her on every single thing.” When I called Poehler to talk about Scott, however, I got a far more complicated response. He’s really, really precise and he knows how to cover tracks.” • He fancies himself a true thespian. “And he’ll just, in the middle of the scene, stop and say, ‘Wait a minute, I need to get back to the craft.’ And I’ll say, ‘Okay man, whatever you need.’ And he’ll just, like, pace around a room or he’ll go punch a wall.

(out next year; she plays his stepmother and nemesis). So just know that if he does kill you and put you in that storage unit, no one will ever find you.Shortly after Scott split with tennis beauty Ana Ivanovic, producers of ABC’s “The Bachelor” pursued Australia’s most eligible bachelor to be a contestant last year on the dating show where one man dates 25 women at once in the search for love.Women around the world rejoiced at the prospect of seeing the golf hunk in their living room every week. Will try and meet,” Bachelor executive producer Robert Mills tweeted at the time.I’m very much in a relationship and very happy at the moment,” Scott told CBS at the time.Scott also has been romantically tied to Kate Hudson.But Scott quickly corrected the record by publicly announcing he was not single and was dating Kojzar.