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We all have untapped potential, but we don't want to hear that we are falling short of what we could possibly accomplish.

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Yes, a couple should trust each other and allow a sense of freedom that goes along with this trust. A woman sleeping in my couch or bed, her soft breathing, her vulnerability... But no, in the long run, unless its an emergency, I wouldn't be too comfortable. Can anybody really say that nothing is going to happen? When women look for a man, they want a man they feel is as valuable as they themselves are, if not more so.For this reason, since most men can’t increase their value via conversation alone, they do their best to decrease the woman’s value -- or rather, her perception of her own value.He wants you to feel honored that he’s interested in you and in order to do so, he will continually cut you down while simultaneously making himself appear smarter and more entertaining than he actually is.

He will tell you whatever lies he needs to because you’ll probably never find out the truth.Most women are already familiar with such tricks, but in case you need a refresher course, here are 10 ways guys will break down a woman's self-esteem just so they can sleep with her: It’s starts off with playful pokes at the way you slouch, the way your lipstick smudges on your teeth, the way you waddle when you wear high heels. But as they are mixing these insults in with regular conversation and possibly even some flattery, you’ll feel less confident in yourself, but not so insulted that you take off.Guys want to take your self-esteem down a couple of notches, and to do so, they need to make you aware of your little flaws -- flaws that every person has. When a man checks out another woman while he is with his girlfriend, issues usually ensue. I’ll share some guidelines if you decide it is right for you. You’re not ready to have sex, so you only cuddle and snooze with your new sweetie all night. I’m not advocating them, however, I know they happen. Your date brings you home, but is exhausted and has a long drive ahead, or has had a tad too much to drink so is uncomfortable driving. You can comment below, or link to this permanent URL from your own site.Or when you do, it’ll be in the morning when you wake up and notice he’s long gone.