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It keeps reminding me of the "tough on crime" stance that was so prevalent among politicians in the '90s.

In both cases, it seems to me that the goal is twofold: first, to exaggerate the actual danger levels, and thereby make people more scared than they need to be; and second, to then claim that you're the one who can keep them safe.

(A few have had some mildly negative experiences, but I don't think I've heard about any really awful experiences.) And several of my friends have ended up marrying someone they met online -- happy marriages so far.

And those who haven't found spouses have often found people who've become longtime friends and/or SOs.

Given the number of people who still try to take liquids through security because they don't know about the rule, I suspect not.

And similarly, I suspect that most people who don't think a lot about security issues aren't worried that metal detectors will fail to detect an underwear bomb; I suspect most such people don't think enough about it (and don't know enough about what makes up a bomb) to have an opinion.Same with words, of course; always hard to know how what we say will be interpreted, and writing and editing often involve a process of trying to imagine how the audience will interpret what we say.But I'm a lot more comfortable with words than with clothes, and I trust my ability to model people's interpretations of my words more than I do with clothes. Since I've been losing weight, I'm having to do a bunch of clothes shopping.So I think the TSA could have engaged in a much lighter level of security theatre and still made most passengers feel safe.Instead, they keep escalating the exaggerated danger levels, and then they have to institute more-draconian measures to make passengers feel safe again.The menu goes like this: Send Message Text Picture Mail IM & Email Chat & Dating Voicemail Dating? artnum=20020224 Scoble's Corporate Weblog Manifesto: blog manifesto (in English), plus followups: Blog Manifesto: Pirillo's Blogger's Manifesto, plus commentary: manifesto: Dogme 2003: manifesto: Ethics: I tried googling "blog methodology," and was dissatisfied with what I found.