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Bulk AD Users allows you to edit user account data in Microsoft Excel with the Edit In Excel feature.

Microsoft Excel is a very powerful tool for data manipulation allowing you to update user attributes using a combination of manual updates and formulas.

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I know how to edit the properties in bulk, however I can not find out how to populate the firstname.lastname from my active directory records? I recently had a customer who wanted to do some “clean up” in AD, while at the same time making some long-overdue changes to the data in Active Directory (AD).The XML Placeholders feature extends the flexibility of the Bulk Modify dialog by allowing you to base updates on existing attributes.You could update the display name format to "surname, firstname" or change the username format to "firstname.surname" for example.For quick updates to a small number of accounts, the edit in grid feature can be used.

The application also supports moving user accounts to a new container, reseting passwords and has quick options for enabling/disabling user accounts.It's very easy to write a formula in Excel to update the user principal name format to '[email protected]' for example.In this case, you could also choose the Bulk Modify feature to perform the update, but in other situations the formulas will be to complicated to convert into XML Placeholders.Additional account options (logon hours, password never expires, force password change at next logon etc) can be manipulated through the Bulk Modify dialog.It's possible to manipulate data in Active Directory by writing your own scripts, using command line tools and other 3rd party applications.In addition, a number of users’ department information in AD included leading and trailing spaces, an artifact of a poorly-written data import process from years back.