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There is a form link on our web site they can fill in to indicate their interest. , the campaign includes raising awareness across the state through advertising and social media, where we are inviting property owners to share their experiences and ideas on how to make the property tax system more equitable. But I still pay property and school taxes in New York state to the tune of 2,000 a year.We want to create swell of public concern over the inequities in the assessment process and see change in the system to make it more equitable. A: Anyone who has sold their home in upstate NY during the past five years for LESS than its assessed value. A: NA Q: What is the most important thing you learned when you successfully challenged the assessment on two properties in New York state? Q: In 2009, you moved to Florida to escape high taxes in New York. A: I am a full-time resident of Florida (in Naples) but maintain two homes in Upstate NY, one in Mendon and one on Canandaigua Lake. Q: You are a billionaire, why do you care about the cost of property taxes? Q: What is the most abused exemption in the assessment world?

She steered clear from the tour for over two years and was never able to return to her earlier tour dominance.Monica Seles was born in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia, on December 2, 1973.If you sold your house in the last five years for less than its assessed value, listen up.Golisano started a website - and a cause - he's calling "Tax My Property Fairly." Golisano famously moved to Florida in 2009 to avoid New York's high taxes.In many towns analyzed, in more than half of transactions, the adjusted assessments were higher than the sale price.

, we are assessing homeowner interest in joining a class action lawsuit to help those who sold their homes for less than the assessed value recover some of the tax overpayment.Her marriage to the mogul, depending on prenuptial agreements and ownership structures, could place the tennis player in a position to own the team.Golisano only recently revealed the news about the impending nuptials during his visit to Bishop Kearney High School in Irondequoit on Thursday.We analyzed samples of real estate sales in five areas of Upstate NY during June 2017.The results are on our web site and show the inconsistency of outcomes.After moving to the United States to play tennis at age 13, Seles became the youngest player to take over the world's No. She dominated the sport until 1993, when a fan of rival Steffi Graf stabbed her during a match in Germany.