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If you're late once, apologize, and do a better job next time to be on time.However, if being late is a consistent problem for you, it's time to take a look at the reasons behind it.

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By the end of this page you will have practical knowledge of good dating etiquette to enable you to make a positively good impression You will not bumble along in ignorance causing your prospect to roll their eyes in despair It will change your world for the better Dating etiquette comes naturally to people who already have good manners and show consideration for others at all times It is second nature to them; they are not self-centered and are respected by people of either sex When people date they usually share a common objective – they hope to win over the object of their affection They therefore want to give a favourable impression of themselves Hopefully, they will also bring out the best in their date The fact that you have read this far indicates that you want to know how to behave properly on your date so that you can practice good dating etiquette; a good start!The rules are basically the same for teens, the middle aged and seniors, first date or last date, girls or guys Primary rule – girls and guys, treat your date with dignity and respect; this applies to online dating as well Don’t know what dignity and respect are? Broaden your vocabulary beyond a few repetitive expletives No drunkenness.A little self-reflection goes a long way when it comes to social etiquette. So common, in fact, that some people actually use it to describe themselves to someone new.("Sorry I'm late, but you'll find that I'm always a few minutes behind.") The reason that being late is so rude is that it makes an unspoken statement that your time is more important than the person you are meeting, including that of your friends.The good thing is, this is a mistake that's easy to fix.

Apologize and immediately introduce your friends to each other.To them it is the sweetest word in any language Never feign affection.This is cruel and deceitful and could lead to problems If this is a first date enquire delicately to elicit information about likes and dislikes; values and expectations; interests, dreams and aspirations At each subsequent date widen the field of your enquiry in a casual conversational manner while also imparting more information about yourself Avoid bragging and talking too much about anything, especially yourself Turn the conversation around to get your date’s views and contribution to the subject Keep the conversation light and try to have fun together Use humour, but don't overdo it Keep it clean Don’t lie to your date Ask before you smoke Non-smokers sometimes cannot abide smokers breath or are allergic to cigarette smoke Definitely don’t smoke during the meal It is bad etiquette to enforce your own rights over the comfort of others.Some reasons for chronic tardiness include: For example, if you think that your problem is that you need to do a few more things before you leave, skip these and just go to your destination instead.Put your friend's time above your need to accomplish "one more thing."Putting Your Foot in Your Mouth We've all probably had a moment or two when we blurt something stupid out, and it ends up offending someone.Don’t do it Do not have unreasonable expectations of your date Remember – dignity and respect Do what is expected of you and not what you want to do Do not force intimacy.