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But both of them hear consistently from their senior advisers, generals, and intelligence chiefs that Iran is fulfilling its commitments under the deal, and that canceling it will lead to the worst possible situation - no limitations on Irans nuclear program, no renewed sanctions, and no international support for tough new measures. According to a report on Israeli Army Radio, Netanyahu will propose to Trump that the United States demand amendments to the JCPOA that will extend some of its deadlines and allow inspections for cheating at currently closed sites.

This is a plausible approach, but some strategic patience is required.

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Syria is the ladders lowest rung, the most difficult issue for them to reach agreement on, due to differences in how they define their respective interests.

Netanyahu worries about Syria under a stabilized Assad regime and Russian sponsorship becoming a launching pad for new threats against Israel.

So he wants to ensure that Iran does not control areas that ISIS vacates as it is vanquished.

And Israel (according to foreign reports), recently proved that it is willing to act militarily to eliminate such threats, even deep inside Syria, by striking a Syrian advanced weapons production facility in Masyaf.

But Trump has indicated that his main interest is completing the campaign to eliminate ISIS, and he isnt so interested in the United States sticking around to define what comes after.

Within this overriding difference, the leaders will need to try to agree on what Israel and the United States will each do - diplomatically and militarily - to prevent Iranian threats against Israel from Syria, and to coordinate their demands from Moscow for Russia's help with this effort. Both leaders think the nuclear agreement (JCPOA) is awful and declare their desire to cancel it.So the agenda is clear: Trump will continue to say that he wants to have negotiations to achieve peace between Israelis and Palestinians, without specifying that he means a two state solution.Netanyahu will say that he is ready for negotiations, and will demand that the Palestinians stop incitement and payments to terrorists in prison.Alienating them with unilateral steps in the deals early years is a sure way to make that harder, and will complicate critical efforts to enlist Russia in stemming threats in Syria, as described above, and gain Chinas willingness to stop exporting oil to North Korea.There is time to build a case and a coalition for extending key restrictions of the JCPOA, and to employ all necessary means, from renewed economic sanctions to the threat of Israeli or U. military action, to reinforce the unacceptability of an Iranian nuclear weapon.They had many productive encounters - these just werent them.