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In the United States, MSM of color, especially younger MSM, are particularly affected in terms of new HIV infections in recent years [].

Having a large number of casual male sex partners has long been recognized as an important risk factor in the transmission of HIV [] found that having four or more sex partners within six months was the behavioral factor that contributed most to HIV incidence, with an attributable risk of 32.3%.Four of nine best-evidence and one of three promising-evidence interventions aimed at MSM in the 2009 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Compendium of Evidence-Based HIV Prevention Interventions considered reduction of partner number as an endpoint, testifying to the continued attention given to reducing partner number among MSM [] to describe reported numbers of casual sex partners and the factors associated with elevated partner number in a large group of MSM from 15 US cities with high HIV prevalence.To better understand the factors that were independently associated with higher casual partner count, we fit several multiple linear regression models with the number of casual partners in the 12 months before the interview as the outcome.In order to satisfy model normality and variance assumptions, a natural-logarithm transformation was applied to partner count (ln[casual partners 1]) and participants with extreme casual partner counts were truncated at 100 [].Relationships between number of casual male sex partners within the previous year and demographic information, self-reported HIV status, and risk behaviors were determined through regression models.

Among 11,191 sexually active MSM, 76% reported a casual male partner. Lower number of casual partners was associated with black race, Hispanic ethnicity, and having a main sex partner in the previous year.

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Poisson regression and proportional-odds ordinal logistic regression models were also considered, but the models' goodness-of-fit assumptions were not upheld.

We first fit a model that adjusted for the main effects of the following demographic factors and risk behaviors possibly associated with partner number: race/ethnicity, age, sexual identity, self-reported HIV status, education, having a main male sex partner within 12 months, having a female sex partner within 12 months, having a male exchange sex partner within 12 months (based on the construction of our outcome variable, having a male exchange partner added at least one casual male partner), MSA, chat room usage, as well as injection and non-injection drug use.

Respondents' demographic and risk-behavior characteristics were summarized descriptively.