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It’s clear to everybody why a lot of dudes are jealous of our perverted profession.So, we serve as the Bullshit Obliterators – breaking down false advertising and clever marketing ploys one feature at a time. Well, it’s a lot like the majority of other live sex cam sites we see, with the exception of only a few minor details.

Not all users are paying customers but the girls like to be tipped nonetheless (duh!

), so have yourself and your wallet prepared for that awkward exchange.

While there are a lot of guidelines enforced to regulate the behavior of the creeps, play by the rules and you will have your pick of the following fuck bunny categories: Like other live sex cam sites out there, Cam Girl Hookups also lets you do an advanced search to find a specialized category that fits the bill, should their pre-designated categories not get it done for you. Oh, when using the main page to just click on pics that stimulate your dick, don’t forget to hit refresh at the top of the page from time to time.

Doing that helps you discover new or recently signed-on hoes, and that’s never a bad thing.

Regardless of their nomenclature, we are docking them 1 point for being homophobic douchebags.

Note to Cam Girl Hookups: It’s easier to change your name than change the game. Despite your sexual orientation, being a member, or even a visitor, of this site is quite a treat.Select your language, click on a girl you like, do a search, or peruse a pre-determined category, and then become a virtual pimp for one of these desperately horny hoes.Anyone who has a yellow “gold show” banner on the bottom of their picture will do nasty shit for paying members. We had to check it out; not necessarily for you guys, but because we were curious for ourselves.It’s a lot like a real date, minus the expensive dinner bill, wasted time, and strings attached.Don’t be alarmed by the fact that the site asks for your credit card info right off the bat.We did notice that Cam Girl Hookups has nothing for gay customers (minus a little innocuous girl-on-girl action).