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Legal Seafood's version has become so famous they now ship it all over the world.

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This Alaska megacomplex includes a dinner-and-a-movie "theatrepub," a brewery, a casual pizzeria and the Bear Tooth Grill, where seafood chowder has been a house favorite since opening day.

The kitchen team works with local Alaska farmers to source seafood, including Alaskan wild-caught cod and a variety of seasonal local seafood.

The rustic, completely vegetarian soup is made with beans, green peppers, onions and a variety of seasonings, served on a bed of rice and topped with raw Spanish onions.

Nothing goes together better than ruby-red tomatoes and creamy burrata cheese.

A hybrid of bisque and chowder, the dish is made with locally caught crabs and enhanced with dry sherry and crab roe.

Adapted from their grandmother's recipe, the owners of Columbia Restaurant serve up an authentic bowl of Cuban black bean soup — frijoles negros — that has become well-known amongst Floridians looking for an authentic Cuban meal.

Industry vet Suzy De Young started her 900-square-food La Soupe to solve two major issues in her city: food waste and hunger.

The restaurant uses food that would otherwise be thrown away to create nutritious soups that are both sold and donated to non-profits and food-insecure families.

It is studded with pork, cabbage and hominy, and is topped with onions and cilantro.

South Carolina is famous for its food, including low-country classics like shrimp and grits and seafood boils. Try it at Soby's, an institution in the town since 1992.

The resulting cheddar-ale soup is garnished with caraway seeds, rye croutons, minced chives and even more cheese. The Gulf is full of incredible seafood and Felix’s Fish Camp on Mobile Bay makes it their mission to showcase that, even in their soups.