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“When somebody is trying to leave, the person who is causing all this harm no longer has this ultimate power and control,” said Jacquie Marroquin, director of the California Partnership to End Domestic Violence.“If you try to leave, people who cause harm up the ante.” In Wednesday night’s triple homicide, police were called to a West Sacramento apartment building after the mother of the children called to report abuse.

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In June, Mau Lee Vue, 34, was shot and killed by her husband, Xor Xiong, in Rio Linda while her three children were home.Xiong then apparently shot himself, according to the Sheriff’s Department.In recent years, more Hmong women have been speaking out against domestic violence, though there is still a stigma deeply rooted in the Hmong culture, said May Ying Ly, founder of the Hmong Women’s Heritage Association, one of the first Hmong women’s organizations in the country.“When I was growing up, you keep things in the culture; we’d let the clan leaders handle it,” Ly said.Those in upper economic brackets may have financial and social resources to leave their abusers more easily.

“If you look at the people that report domestic violence, the majority of them are on the lower economic level,” he said.“The people on the upper end of the economic level, they have options.” Cultural issues may also play a role in keeping women of color in abusive situations, advocates said.In Wednesday’s killing, the mother of the children was Hmong, as was Mau Lee Vue, the June victim.Both men Childers and Vasquez-Oliva are currently in custody.Durenberger said that while women of color do often report domestic violence more often than white women, he sees it as more of an economic issue than one of race or ethnicity.Also that day, Erica Wallace and her 17-year-old developmentally disabled daughter Kiara were found dead with their bodies partially burned in the bathtub of Wallace’s home on Janrick Avenue.