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When it comes to what to say and how to say it, there's help.

The website of Planned Parenthood, for instance, posts a "Sample script for safer sex." And who says you must buy a plain-brown wrapper condom?

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The collected money is then used to pay for the abortions of any pregnancies that result.

The discrepancy between what college students know about safe sex and what they do is staggering.

Yet most young people don't take the one step that could prevent them from becoming infected with the deadly HIV virus -- that is, use a condom. One frequent reason is the belief that one's partner would be insulted or think less of you if you insisted on using a condom, according to a study published in 1997.

But a recent study by communications experts at the University of Georgia suggests this may not be so. Hocking, Ph D, and his colleagues in the department of speech communication found that a person who insists on a condom is most often perceived as responsible and caring.

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(Interestingly, the sex of the person who suggested using a condom wasn't found significant.) Hocking says it's not surprising to him that both men and women believed that the relationship was more intimate when a condom was used. The belief that insisting on safe sex damages the relationship is a myth." Still, role-playing is a long way from real life.

"All things being equal, do you want to be with a responsible person or an irresponsible one? Broaching the subject of using a condom can be awkward.

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The students visualized how they met, what they were wearing on the night that sex was likely to occur, even whether they both enjoyed the movie on their fantasy date or not.