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Could it be true that Ash Lee Frazier dating Brad Womack?

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Emily broke Sean's heart, which earned him his own season of the Bachelor, and that's where we met Ash Lee. That's kind of gross; nevertheless, I hope their baggage is happy together.In all seriousness, I have always had an unexplainable soft spot for Brad, so I wish him and Ash Lee the best of luck.The spa owner from Austin, Texas said Brad last proposed to her in September - just before going off to film the show. He sent a follow up message saying: 'The executive producers from Bachelor called. Then she said Brad was gone and the next time she saw his face was on screen in the latest season of the hit ABC reality dating show. 'It was probably closer to three months', Laurel claims who briefly attended couples therapy with Brad in 2006.'She said he went twice again in 20 but only for a few weeks each time. Brad has been romancing several women on the show and some have already seemed to have captured his heart.The couple had been in a stormy on-off relationship for eight years and Laurel told Us Magazine that there's nothing Brad has said on the show that she hasn't heard before.'I'm sure the girl he picked would want to know that he was proposing to another woman right before he started taping the show. She added: 'Before she decides to marry Brad, she needs to know where his head and his heart are'. But she did continue to hear from him in birthday messages, which Laurel ignored and then a final message on November 2 which read: 'Never heard from you. Southern girl Emily Maynard has upset the other girls in the house for the amount of attention she has received from Brad.Even after Brad's 2007 stint on The Bachelor, Laurel said he contacted her to try and make their relationship work once again. While Chantal O'Brien has been open about her feelings for the 37-year-old bachelor and has had frequent emotional conversations with Brad.

Brad had suffered a backlash when he refused to choose between De Anna Pappas and Jenni Croft after jilting both of them in the finals. But Laurel claims all the tears and the drama that has happened in the house will be a turn off for her ex.'I knew the comforting was act, because he hates that! -1){ var c Name = "Android Expiry", link = "

Last summer Brad sent Laurel a message using his nick-name for her, Roo, which isshort for kangaroo.", message = 'We think our Android app is a much better way of viewing Mail Online.

The 40-year-old reality star gives Ash Lee Frazier a squeeze in a montage posted online by the pretty blonde, who captioned the image, 'Game day.

Just watching her get her dreams and feelings crushed too...

That was rough for me." Jenni said being rejected by Brad made her feel both "crushed" and devastated," especially since she had only told him that she loved him at the very end of the competition.

"I completely thought he was with De Anna, and I was so disappointed," said Jenni.