Regular expression for validating multiple email Hotchatdirect

Today I am giving you a simple regular expression to validate multiple email IDs separated by comma.

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In this example I have demonstrated the use of the regular expressions in Java programming language to do a validation of the email address.The email address might be just one or multiples selected by a semi colon or a comma.A Regular Expression is nothing more than a pattern of characters itself, matched against a certain parcel of text.Using Regular Expressions, it is simple to search for a specific word or string of characters.In the given example, the input data can have E-mail addresses in multiple yet valid formats.

The mapping logic should be able to identify all the valid values.Almost every editor on every computer system can do this.Regular expressions are more powerful and flexible. You can search Numbers, punctuation characters, patterns and so on.Now for your original question, I would recommend a preprocess stage where you split on reasonable delimiters (',' and ';'), trim whitespace (at least if dealing with user input) and validate each entry.Here is a simple Program which does this for you without using the Regular Expression.[1] Safari doesn't do validation, but instead offers a custom "email" keyboard, which is designed to make entering email addresses easier.