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Deciphering inscriptions and titles are some of the most challenging and frustrating aspects of ancients collecting. It takes awhile for your mind to develop an understanding of what your eyes are trying to tell it.

The following is a very simplified technique for understanding coinage titles.

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Use this wildcard when you are certain an obscure letter is not specific letters.Examples: IMPC* searches for all legends that begin with IMPC. *DOMITIAN* searches for all legends that contain DOMITIAN.Before coins were developed, Roman money was cast bronze ingots.The first coins were issued under the Republic, beginning with cast Aes Grave issues of the third century bc.Putting it all together (with the proper spacing), we have;'IMP.

Roman coins are classified into three series, each offering enough interest and variety for a lifetime of collecting.

Use this wildcard for letters that look alike when worn or poorly struck.

Use [ ^] for any single character not within the specified range (for example, [^A-F]) or set (for example, [^BDFP]).

Collectors of Roman coins of the Imperial series tend to focus on getting a good portrait of each emperor, which can be a challenge since some (particularly usurpers) had brief reigns.

Many provincial cities and Roman colonies, particularly in the Balkans and in Asia Minor, struck civic and colonial issues under the Empire.

Collectors of Republican coins pursue various topical specialties, some selecting Aes Grave while others focus on the numerous varieties of late Republican denarius issues.