Perez hilton dating aussie

Or speaking of 2008 VP running mates Sarah Palin would be a hell of a coup!Azealia Banks doesn’t care who’s toes she steps on.

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In the episode where Marge‘s Mom starts seeing Homer’s father & Mr Burns, Marge points out that though Abraham Simpson has his flaws he’s “” compared to Mr. Marge’s mom replies that she doesn’t know who Judge Reinhold is.That’s the thing about topical comedy – it doesn’t always stand up.If you like nostalgia then you might enjoy today’s totally awesome post.There’s a breaking story involving one of the 80’s biggest movies and one of the actors that starred in it, & I’m gonna take the scenic route to get you there.Perez himself has been known to drop the other F bomb, as when he took on Will. Am and got punched out about it (ironically he got a black eye).

There’s more to life than Perez Hilton though, and Azealia has been spreading the love around.She might be wise to tone it down a notch or two though. Once upon a time he was a big deal back in (& before she went to France to do adult movies with Jaleel White – oh how the mighty have fallen).She’s only just got her foot int he door and entertainment is a rough mean competitive business. Judge was such a big deal he even managed tog et referenced – no ironically – on the Simpsons.For another thing Brooke adds up on paper to an ideal morning show host.She’s 47, which SB 411 things is a plus (so at least some one does), she’s a mom (so moms can relate), she’s smart & articulate, plus a Princeton grad.She’s taken on the likes of Jim Jones and Angel Haze among others and now she has added the Stones Roses to her hate list.