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The blonde beauty, who has recently joined the East Enders cast as character Kandice Taylor, branded her S Club 7 ex Paul "broke" and "tragic".

The 36-year-old star hit out at him on Twitter after Paul begged for her back via the media.

He'd moved into my bed before it'd got cold – that's the biggest kick in the teeth.

I remember standing in the living room strongly telling her that she was making a mistake.I said quite clearly, ' I think you love me more than you realise and you'll end up regretting it'. This iconic East Enders character is returning to Walford Hannah has called Paul's interview "cringe" Hannah has since responded to Paul's interview on Twitter, writing: "Cringe. Hilarious, never let the truth get in the way of a good story!Her angry tweet came just days after Paul opened up about the demise of their relationship in 2006 - blaming it on her bid for Hollywood fame, which left him wondering if she was the 'same person'Speaking of Hannah, who went on to pursue a high-profile romance with Andrew-Lee Potter shortly after their relationship ended, the former singer told The Sun: 'I very much felt she thought she needed to ­prioritise her career.'Hannah was only 12 and Paul was 17 when they met for the first time in 1994 and entered into a relationship seven years later, which lasted for five years.However, Paul was reportedly left blindsided after the blonde called it quits on their romance - leaving him to now look back and reflect on the possibility of Hollywood casting directors having a say in who she should and shouldn't date.Taking to the micro-blogging site himself on Tuesday evening, Paul, 40, posted a slew of angry tweets before deleting them swiftly afterwards.

He and Hannah, 36, seem to have fallen into an online spat after he accused her of ending their relationship because she was told to do so by her manager - to which she hit back by branding him as 'desperate and broke'.

' [sic]Another read: 'Rise above people rise above.'Not happy to leave it there, and clearly inspired by his 'rising' imagery, Paul added: 'Like a flaming Phoenix rising our of the ashes of its former self.

Or a caterpillar that been crystallised and then fly.' [sic] Paul had started the tiff when he spoke out about his and Hannah's five-year romance, which began during the height of their S Club 7 fame in 2001.

She was much more impressionable then than she is now so I reckon if an agent told her to ditch me then she might have listened." READ: Guess which S Club 7 singer is joining the cast of East Enders!

The pair dated for five years The 40-year-old and Hannah dated during their time together in S Club 7 together, but broke up in 2006.

Paul, 40, said that she dumped him so she could try her luck in Hollywood.