Outlook 2016 offline address book not updating exchange 2016 young dating community

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It will change on a regular basis (probably as items are added or deleted in the OAB).

To get the OAM to immediately generate run the following command: Update-Offline Addressbook “name of offline address book”.

When I try to download the address book I get the (0x8004010F) error.

I migrated from Exchange 2010 to 2016 a few months ago and the issue was just recently discovered when I added a new user to Exchange the other day.

You may encounter an issue stating that the System Attendant Service is not running or you do not have permission. Make sure you are running the Exchange Management Shell as Administrator and 2. *note* The Service is named “Microsoft Exchange System Attendant”.

The Outlook Client failed to download an updated copy of the Offline Address Book because the services have stopped functioning.It seems like if I add a new user they get the most current Global Address Book when they first load their profile in outlook, but then cannot download the newest version of the Global Address Book.All other users seem to have the same issues when downloading the Global address book.The URL I posted was an example of the response you'd receive in the Apple Script Script Editor when running the three-line script above it.I have no idea what significance the string of characters at the end of the URL plays other than it appears to be a unique identifier for the specific version of the OAB at that moment in time.If your company has a Global Address List (GAL), you also see it in the Address Book list.