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I realised that Greenlight were actually performing this act in the form of the water containers while the team quietly cleaned around the refugees. The second time I went to the Jungle a few months later, we discovered we had a good problem.

Being able to translate is a real gift and it certainly breaks down barriers of communication to ensure we get to talk and even pray with as many people as possible.It was only right that when it was time for the team to have lunch, we left the site and ate by a makeshift church and youth hostel nearby.Playing rounders and volleyball in a nearby field I saw the two worlds collide, of people with so much and people with very little.My time at the Jungle had gone quickly and there were some tired legs but happy souls.Photographer Jez Godlonton recently visited the Calais Jungle with Christian social justice initiative The last few months have highlighted that the refugee crisis is not just happening in the Middle East, but just across the channel in Calais.

The news today that 14 children will arrive in Croydon from Calais is also a reminder that what happens in what's been termed 'The Jungle' camp effects us in the UK too. Everyday we see the reports and images in the media showing the devastation and magnitude of one of the largest humanitarian crises the world has faced in decades.This was mostly because they have fled their country to find work to provide for their families back home and didn't want their family to find out that they are stuck in a refugee camp.I spent some time shadowing one of the amazing Greenlight translators.There was a fence where the difference between living rough and having some sort of clean living was apparent.We walked around with the team who maintain the containers that Greenlight had set up to provide water and sanitation to the refugees.Cyclists can drive just as dangerously and selfishly as drivers do.