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Network firewalls are designed to help keep unwanted data and hackers from entering the secure network.This security measure prevents older versions of i Sp Q Video Chat from working because it needs to connect on ports that the firewall has blocked.The networking and audio technology in i Sp Q Videochat 8 is not fully backwards-compatible with older versions (we recommend upgrading to i Sp Q 8 for the best-performimg video chat experience).

i Sp Q Video Chat software provides live streaming audio/video services and real-time visual messaging through the Internet.

This guide is designed to give you some background on how i Sp Q Video Chat uses the Internet in providing these services so that you can properly configure your network.

However, if you are not running version 8, your Cable/DSL router will need some simple changes to make it work.

The default configuration of an Internet sharing router will allow all of the outbound connections to be made.

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You can use this information to setup your network device should the network diagnostic tool indicate failure on a port.

Sharing your broadband connection is a logical thing to do so that all of your computers can experience rapid downloads and high frame rate with i Sp Q Video Chat.

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With the latest release of i Sp Q video chat, Version 8, it is no longer necessary to make changes to your network; however, doing so will greatly enhance the quality of a video chat.