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This would’ve happened in a bar back in the day, but this is 2015—we date on apps, and therefore we desperately and drunkenly peruse for late night company on apps as well.“My guess is that people who are logging on late at night either struck out at the bars or are lowering their standards,” Cliff Lerner, CEO and founder of The Grade dating app, told the A recent analysis of their data found that the rate at which users “like” each other spikes between midnight and 4 a.m.

Girls especially will take advantage of the extra time on Saturday to get ready for the date, and dress up far more than they would on a weeknight.

Is your date scheduled for a Tuesday or a Thursday?

Read below to see what the night of the week says about your date.

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If someone makes plans with you for a Saturday night, they’re pretty sure that they’ll have as good a time hanging out with you as with than anyone else: a high compliment, indeed.

The Grade is a dating app that functions just like Tinder.

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