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“I was actually excited to bring my brothers on to ‘Family Boot Camp’ because I have done this experience before with my girlfriend Lauren… You know, we’re in a really good place today, so I was eager to see how [my brothers] would react…My family responded very well [to the show].

So I’m just excited and grateful to continue doing what I love.” Sorrentino, who previously participated in the show back in 2015 with his girlfriend, college sweetheart Lauren Pesce, said that the sessions with the counselors were beneficial in helping him nurture his relationships with loved ones, all while feeling perfectly at ease with an audience watching.KENDRA WILKINSON'S PLAYBOY PAST STILL HAUNTS HER “You know, it’s a little tricky sometimes when you bring a camera into it,” he said.After a long battle with prescription drug abuse that involved two stints in rehab, the 34-year-old former reality star of MTV’s “Jersey Shore” told Fox News that he’s enjoying his new sober life beyond Seaside Heights. “When it comes to my recovery — actually next week — I’ll be 18 months clean.And I go to 12-step meetings on a weekly basis along with gym and tan. So everything’s working out great and I just really changed my whole life at this particular point.” FARRAH ABRAHAM FIRES BACK AT HER CRITICS Still, he had other issues to face that would be scrutinized by cameras. and Marc, decided to join a spinoff of WE tv’s “Marriage Boot Camp” where they and three other stars (Farrah Abraham, Kendra Wilkinson and Chad “Ochocinco" Johnson) would unveil their toxic relationships with their families as they undergo counseling with the help of two therapists.On their date, Mike and Paula were joined on by Mike’s co-star Deena Cortese and her boyfriend, Chris Bucker.

Paula met Mike at the infamous shore house (where she’d spent plenty of nights last season) and later hit the boardwalk where they walked arm-in-arm.

The two had hit it off during the last season of but their budding relationship ended once filming had wrapped.

Now that Mike is back in Seaside, the two have wasted no time picking up where they had left on.

While some critics may question the legitimacy of seeking therapy on television, for Sorrentino, it was a no-brainer.

“I’ll be honest, I love to be in front of the camera,” he explained.

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