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Of Tessa Virtue, Jones said, “Every outfit she’s put on I wanna wear to the club.” Rippon added, “When I watch her, sometimes I can feel my hair growing.” Long as it’s just the hair. Has anyone noticed that a geisha is doing commentary for televised him kissing his boyfriend before competing in the slopestyle ski. “Didn’t realize this moment was being filmed yesterday but I’m so happy that it was.Adam may have left the , “Gonna need a gif of @Adaripp saying he just wants to focus on being America’s Sweetheart for my daily use. Also marry me Adam.” Then he wrote, “I hate being earnest but an openly, ‘non-passing’, sassy, beautiful gay 20-something daring America not to love him and becoming the sweetheart of the Olympic Games is very moving to me.” Sally texted her son, “Sam… Find a way.” Sam posted the message, adding, “Just some really helpful advice from my mom on how to deal with my Olympic crush.” Field retweeted it to Adam, and Sam replied, “Yikes”. My childhood self would never have dreamed of seeing a gay kiss on TV at the Another athletic gay made a bit of news last week. He had several brushes with the law for physical fights with a boyfriend, possession of drugs, and looking like crap – which is not against the law, but it’s certainly a crime in my book!

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Actor Russell Tovey announced his engagement to rugby player Steve Brockman. And now, we bid a sad farewell to another gay porn performer – Matthew Rush. Apparently, he skipped a recent court date where he was supposed to prove that he had entered a drug diversion program and was staying clean and sober.“Completely unexpected but very very happy and looking forward to having a proper party to celebrate when back in London”. Due to his absence, an arrest warrant was issued for him on Valentine’s Day – Happy Valentine’s Day! Since we’re talking Florida, let’s congratulate the school kids who marched on the Capitol against gun violence. The Florida House voted down a motion to even discuss a ban on assault weapons.Fraser claims that this traumatic experience led to him becoming “reclusive” and is the reason his career stalled. And while this might be off-topic, doesn’t his hair look, um, “realistic”.I can’t tell you how many have written in asking for nude photos of James Maslow – probably because on paragraph about this because nothing has come forward…yet.Congratulations to Marissa Jaret Winokur for winning – a prize he definitely deserves!

This was one of those situations where I would have been happy with either winner, since I love them both. Billy – the home of brotherly love…but only in places where that’s legal!

We talked about them performing at , and they asked if I thought gay men would come out to see them. The glitch was they didn’t have background tracks without vocals.

“But you guys could play the records and we could get up and dance.” I thought about that during this concert.

Berk says, “My apology admitted no wrongdoing, the usual, ‘If I’ve done anything that upset Mr.

Fraser, it was not intended and I apologize.’” But, for the record, Berk calls the story a “total fabrication”.

Grand Prix Sieg in Folge – der Titel des Juniorenweltmeisters 2018 zum Greifen nahe....[weiterlesen]Das ADAC MX Masters startet mit starken Fahrerfeldern in die Saison 2018. Februar haben mehr als 350 Fahrer aus 23 Nationen ihre Saisonnennung für eine der vier Klassen der Motocross-Rennserie...[weiterlesen]Nach seinem aufregenden TM-Debüt auf Sardinien, meldete sich Max Nagl am vergangenen Wochenende zurück auf dem Motorrad.