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(One of the funniest scenes has him instigate a cop with over-the-top Hindi film dialogues, and then run away with a trans prostitute.) But there's nobody who can match up to Vijay Raaz and Deepak Dobrial.Their conversations include a plan to rob their own boss of money.

: you never get the sense that Saif is the "star" in the film, as each parallel track is given its due time.Even though all the stories play out really fast — if you blink, you might miss something — it has enough to allow you to put two and two together.In the middle of all the madness in , some lessons are doled out.For one, nobody seems to be judging anyone else in this film's universe: drugs, sex cheating, prostitution?I like to keep my body fit and do all sorts of exercises for that.

I like to make friends who have sexual overtures and don't like to bounds. Kunaal Roy Kapur and the combination of Vijay Raaz-Deepak Dobriyal are delights to watch.Neil Bhoopalam as a movie-loving thug is almost unrecognisable.The signature Akshat Verma vibe is present in — your mind is on Saif's story track, and you want to know how a man who has stomach cancer will live out the rest of his time.But the quirkiness and fun in the film comes from the other characters.Giving away more from the core plot of would be criminal because it's not one that can be the expressed in words.