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It’s this “quick control” feature of a product called the Vibratissimo Panty Buster that easily can be exploited for a variety of security and privacy breaches, researchers said.

A user with a unique e-mail address or telephone can use the quick control feature to send a link by text or e-mail to hand the reins of the vibrator over to a partner.“This wouldn’t be a problem in general if the link containing the unique ID would be random and long enough,” according to a blog post by the firm.

I had lived too close to it for too many years and I think the thing that finally tipped the scales was that the Bryn Mawr cheers for their athletic events were in Latin, and that was too much for me to take.My aunt had graduated from Wellesley and had not enjoyed the college and discouraged me from going there.Moreover, if passwords have been used for multiple services, they should just change them all, researchers advised.Users also can update firmware for their dildos, but this means sending the toys back to Amor Gummiwaren Gmb H for refurbishment, the company said. The research–the basis for a master’s thesis by University of Applied Sciences St.

Polten student Werner Schober in cooperation with SEC Consult—isn’t the first example of a smart sex toy being infiltrated.

The real names and home addresses of users also are accessible.[ You might also be interested in reading “Researchers Warn of Physics-Based Attacks on Sensors”]While it’s unknown exactly how many users are at risk due to the vulnerabilities, between 50,000 to 100,000 people use the toy’s Android mobile app, according to the Google Play store.

To protect Vibratissimo users from unwanted remote access or other security breaches, SEC Consult recommends they update their apps to the newest version available and immediately change their passwords.

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