Is samantha ronson dating erin foster

the ol’ photo wire both identify Sam’s trim blonde friend (they can share skinny-legged jeans!

But after some digging, I see that she is the ex-stepsister of Brody Jenner.

My brother [producer and musician Mark Ronson] made his records because he likes making songs.So, the standard was set pretty high for being true to what you want to do."I got a call one night from a club that I used to hang out at and they were like, 'Do you want to DJ? "I was like, 'No way,' [but] my friends were like, 'Come on, just do it.' I was always in the club; [I figured I] might as well make money off it." Ronson took the gig and she quickly started to make a name for herself and eventually DJing became a full-time job.Today she spins at some of the most high-profile gigs around the world. She appeared in Usher and Alicia Keys' music video "My Boo." Ann Dexter-Jones and Laurence Ronson are her parents.

When she was six years old her parents divorced and she moved with her siblings, mother and her mother's new boyfriend, Foreigner guitarist Mick Jones, to New York City, where her mother later married Jones.

In an interview with American Songwriter, she stated, "I grew up in the studio with songs.

My stepdad wrote some pretty f—ing incredible songs.

(D’aaa In other photos, they’ve spread a towel or blanket on the grass, probably to have a picnic.

The couple took the kid to a park in Beverly Hills yesterday, and Ronson was always right there at the bottom of the slide, waiting to catch the kid. In still other photos, Erin Foster and Samantha Ronson are both using the park’s wastebasket.

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