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Supporting a slim and stylish design, the i Phone 5 is lightweight and comfortable to carry around with you.Along with the features you expect from Apple, the powerful A6 chip brings fast phone performance and excellent graphics, and the retina display makes text and video easier to read and watch.

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Reading by Punctuation Intervals is ideal for slow and average readers in middle school and high school, intermediate remedial reading, intermediate ESL students, as well as intermediate Dyslexics, all advanced elementary students, and all advanced students of any age reading textbooks or other serious writing. Reading by Punctuation Interval or by Sentence, students are able to pause for as long as they want to think about what they have just read.

Reading silently just ahead of interactive, computer-sound, and pausing at the punctuation marks for the sound to catch up, and to think about what you have just read, or repeat the selection, will enable almost all slow and average readers to quickly double their reading speed, while increasing comprehension. They can also repeat the sound of each Sentence, or Punctuation Interval as often as desired, before advancing.

Work independently on our program on your own, or have us work one-on-one with you, over the phone or Skype, anywhere in the world, as both of us look at the same text on the Internet.

If you choose to work with us, we will tailor our instruction to your exact needs.

We will start at just where you are at and move forward. We will help you correct the 18 bad reading habits.

In order to empower you and teach you transferrable skills for reading any book on your own, we will show you a new way to read any book or Internet article quickly and enjoyably, and with excellent comprehension.

Call us to experience reading without any eye movement at all, vertical or horizontal, and with complete control: 978-927-9234. We will also show you how to read any of these text examples with interactive, computer voice.

We have been teaching people how to read this way for over 20 years. Reading by Phrases is ideal for Beginners (K-4), severe Dyslexia, other LD/Special ED, basic Remedial Reading, and starting ESL.

With a little help, most people can easily read textbooks, novels and Internet articles quickly and well, with excellent speed, concentration, comprehension, recall and enjoyment, at up to 500 words per minute and above.

Read on to learn how to do this quickly and affordably with any book.

You adjust the speed at which the voice speaks, from normal speaking rate to over 500 words per minute.