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Whenever I go on a long car journey I always take a bag of carrots with me to snack on and I generally get through the lot.My friends laugh at my “travel carrots” but they always keep me going and are certainly a more nutritious alternative to coffee and cake.”As funny as it may seem, carrots along with her parker pen, lined walking trousers and rubber gloves, are some of the things that Penny Smith could never live without.

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All that we know about her as a child, is a rather weird obsession she had with carrots.“When I was growing up my mum used to grow most of our vegetables herself but not many actually made it to the dinner table because I was permanently grazing in the garden. If I go around to a friend’s house for dinner and they present me with a plate of pasta, I’ve been known to forage around for some veg to brighten things up.Penny is much more open about her personal life than many other TV personalities.There are personalities who have not revealed whether they are married or not.They met each other when Vince started a tour in a gender bending adaptation of a winter’s tale.

The reason for the separation with Tony is not revealed to public.But the couple called off their wedding plans last December and he moved out of the family home.His most recognised role was as a main presenter on the now defunct breakfast programme GMTV.However, Penny talks about her relationships more often than others.She says that she loves to be organized and hates a messy room. Before dating Vince, she said that she would marry someone with a kid so that she need not go through the baby bit, easily.Most recently (26 March, 2016), Penny begun presenting Saturday Breakfast on the new UK radio station Talkradio.