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Another benefit of having a unified household budget is that it gives you an opportunity to discuss ground rules for how you will manage your money together as a couple.

Ground rules will vary from couple to couple, but you’ll want to be sure both you and your spouse are on the same page when it comes to answering these questions: Having ground rules in place will help avoid those stressful situations in which the holiday bonus gets used as a down payment on a motorcycle when the other spouse was planning on that money for Christmas gifts.

If you’re the one with the secrets, it’s time to come clean.

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However, if you want your marriage to have staying power, you need to stop the secrets.That 2012 study also found that most people think financial infidelity can be just as serious as an affair, and 13% of respondents said their divorce was the result of money secrets.I must admit to being a bit puzzled by those who get married and then keep all their finances separate. Even if you want to have your own accounts for spending money, you should have a joint account for combined expenses. You’re both enjoying the roof over your head and the heated air in the winter, right?Having a single budget ensures there is no resentment about who has more money or who gets stuck with a specific bill.Are you wondering whether you and your betrothed will have a love that lasts a lifetime?

Then you need to forget about the kids, the in-laws and the s-e-x for a minute.

That’s why my team and I have worked hard to create a guide to help you navigate all the systems that’ll help you earn more money today: The Ultimate Guide to Making Money.

Because typical advice on how to save cash is Earning more money gives you the freedom to spend more without feeling guilty about buying the things you love.

I’d wager that nothing chips away at the foundation of a marriage quite like placing a value on your spouse based upon what they earn. You may not like my reasoning, but science is on my side.

Maybe you make 80% of the household income, but unless there are extenuating circumstances, I’m not sure how insisting on 80% of the spending money for yourself fosters a healthy marriage. Research finds that couples who pool their money are happier.

Dump all your money into a joint account, write out a budget that pays all the shared bills and divvy up the extra for spending money.