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and in the responsibilities they would face in helping each spouse develop an independent life.

So the family will be involved, one way or the other.

Try to remember the good things about your spouse, and find forgiveness patience in your heart for minor annoyances.Communicate with your spouse about your feelings, fears, and needs.The judge makes a determination based on the facts of the case and the law of the land.Depending on where you live, a separate legal process of divorce may be required.While a counselor may play an important role in reconciliation, this person is naturally detached and lacks personal involvement.

Family members have a personal stake in the outcome, and may be more committed to seeking a resolution.

Allah gives divorce as an option because sometimes it is truly the best interest of all concerned.

Nobody needs to remain in a situation that causes personal distress, pain, and suffering.

If this attempt fails, after all due efforts, then it is recognized that divorce may be the only option. The procedures for actually filing for divorce depend on whether the move is initiated by the husband or the wife. If the wife initiates a divorce, there are two options.

In the first case, the wife may choose to return her dowry to end the marriage.

Some couples are reluctant to involve family members in their difficulties.