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The ubiquity of these amateur shots proves that real people who aren’t pornstars but accountants and teachers and PA's, are taking them. Louisa* who is 28 and works in the city, shocked me with her to my question about who on earth was posting these sex snaps. You can share whatever you want.” So there you have it.

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Lots of blogs are a mix of graphic clips, personal blogs about life and of course, jokes about Game of Thrones. The breadth is one of the major things that draws women to Tumblr for arousal.

These blogs are realistic representations of a woman’s likes, which alleviates the seediness that comes from mainstream porn sites. A successful well adjusted woman in her mid-thirties who’s taking a break from her law career to pose naked by for a pair of handcuffs? “It’s handy to have one website for literally any and every type of porn,” Leyana, 23 told me.

Went to school, got the good grades, held on to her virginity (in some cases are still holding on to it), attended Sunday School, Bible study and is probably getting ready for choir rehearsal as this is being written.

Pastors suggested she wait on God meanwhile provided little to no instruction on how she would know when “God showed…

Which means that a staggering one in 10 of its blogs contained images of people doing the nasty. When I quizzed a group of my fellow twenty something women about why Tumblr porn was having a moment – ease of use was the common theme in their responses.

“[It’s] quick, concise, all under one roof, and it’s strangely hypnotic to watch oral sex on loop in a Gif,” one friend told me. “It’s also easy to use one handed,” was a point that came up continuously. Tumblr employs a tagging system, in which each picture can be hashtagged with words, making it easy to discover images relevant to your specific interest, however specific that interest might be… Porn hasn't historically been much of a friend to women, but Tumblr is an inherently female friendly platform.

Ok the couples who share their intimate moments on Tumblr still tend to be good looking, but they're real.

There's cellulite, real breasts and even the occasional pubic hair.

The sight of a twenty-something woman staring at her phone couldn’t be less shocking.

But it might interest you to know that whilst the woman sitting across from you at lunch might be checking her bank balance or Instagramming her breakfast , it’s equally possible that she might be perusing her very own perfectly collated collection of porn.

It’s a refreshing antidote to the artificial, manufactured porn that mainstream channels offer.