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– This is a man who devotes himself full-time to becoming in every way he can afford to look exactly like a woman.For them it does not stop at just putting on nice dress and shoes or plucking eyebrows.They seem to be into all sorts of fake boobs and even fake butts and for all I know may be straight or gay or bisexual since they are sometimes married to a woman.

On my second day here I went directly to the nearby mall and I went upstairs to the food court to try and patch in to the wifi signal while getting myself some breakfast.As I’ve mentioned before, everybody here already knows who is ‘local’ and who is ‘new to town’.– These are still same as gays but here in the Philippines they sort of have their own distinction.These are men who, while they will wear make-up, carry a purse and maybe even wear women’s shoes or skinny-jeans.. They aren’t exactly trying to look masculine either.Even I, being here only 6 months in Basak can spot a new foreigner versus a seasoned one from across the mall in a crowd.

I know who frequents here nearby and I know a new face when one shows up.There don’t seem to be very many of these here, but I have seen a few.Even during their ‘off-time’ the tight shorts, shaved legs and plucked eyebrows are something of a give-away.Without even getting up from my table, in my first 30 minutes I met about 3 or 4 ladyboys, perhaps 3 gays and 4 straight women all of whom were close friends working there in the mall. To be barely getting your feet on the ground and right away have so many people start telling you their names, Now, before I get much further into this I should probably give you my working definitions to avoid any confusion. For the most part though the lesbian women here are not ‘butch’ and in every way appear as if they are straight.I’m sure there is a more detailed, politically correct version of these definitions but I’ll just share with you the ballpark definitions I’ve been familiar with. That can be quite a bummer for us single guys since more often than not they are very attractive.Eve Cam is always making improvements and is committed to making your random encounters the best they can be!