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In July 2006, through an operating room mishap, Patrick was exposed to HIV, though his HIV test returned a negative result.

She also raised 100k for her feature film project Creve Coeur, Mo.on Indiegogo starring Bella Thorne and Zach Knighton.In June, 2010, Kimberly was one of eight women selected to participate in the AFI Directing Workshop for Women, where she wrote and directed the dark comedy, Nice Guys Finish Last.The film won the AFI Nancy Malone award and has been accepted into 12 festivals world wide, including LA Comedy Fest and Shockfest where Kimberly received the “Best Director” award.On today’s heartbreaking episode, it was time for Patrick and Robin to say their goodbyes, since Robin has decided that she must go off and save the life of her best friend Jason, and leave Port Charles.

(Of course, this paves the way for Kimberly Mc Cullough’s exit and opens the door for Patrick’s story without her!

At the same time, Patrick began falling for his co-worker and friend, the HIV-positive Dr.

Robin Scorpio, which brought up the question of whether Patrick could give up his womanizing ways.

In television, Thompson has landed guest roles on television shows like Felicity, Flipper, and Castle. Patrick Drake on the ABC soap opera General Hospital.

Since playboy Patrick Drake's first appearance on the show, he has flirted with various women (many who work at the hospital call him Dr.

Though modeling paid the bills and allowed Jason the opportunity to travel extensively, he admits that becoming an actor was never far from his thoughts.