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Mark Shorrock, Chief Executive of Tidal Lagoon Power: “We have the best tidal resource in Europe and the second best worldwide. I can honestly say we have clicked in a significant way and that we are enjoying developing a new relationship together.

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The rural aspect of the country makes finding a new partner a little trickier on occasions if you are away from the larger conurbations but specialist introductions agencies can assist with these sort of issues and therefore they shouldn’t be anything to damper your enthusiasm or optimism in searching for a new partner.

Without a doubt not all dating or personal introductions companies will be able to provide coverage across the whole of Wales, so if possible do choose one of the larger and better established agencies to avoid potential problems if you live in one of the more rural areas away from the major towns and cities, as the number of eligible singles may be much smaller.

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Gates would then be shut, keeping the water in until soon after low tide, when they would be opened to let the water out and turn the turbines again.

The proposed Cardiff scheme’s annual output would be equivalent to the electricity used by all homes in Wales in a year, the company said.

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Each lagoon would generate power for about 14 hours a day, as water passes through turbines embedded in the sea walls.