Dating game ideas for married couples

However, just an hour together every day can keep your marriage healthy and vibrant.

Some ideas which might work are: exercising with your spouse in the morning.

The only constant in life is change, and both of you are bound to evolve as individuals.

Even when everyday distractions, like your career or children, demand for your attention, your spouse should always remain a priority — and it can be done with simple, everyday actions.Life can be pretty overwhelming sometimes, especially with so many commitments to attend to.Get involved in hobbies and mutual interests by choosing new activities to do as a couple.If your spouse is a foodie, explore new eateries during the weekends. Be it a sport, cooking class or even painting, choose one that you know you will both enjoy. The only rules are that it has to be inexpensive, and it has to be something that can be done while the baby is asleep upstairs—so cheap dates like walking around the block or running out to the ice cream parlor are off the table. I would LOVE to hear them—and add them to the list!

We’ll alternate being the one who chooses and plans the date—and, of course, we can choose something not on the list!Or if you're a parent, put the kids to bed early and go for a date night out.Children require more sleep than adults, so make the most of your night together without feeling guilty.Rekindle the flame with a weekend trip, planned with your loved one in mind.For example, if your spouse likes the great outdoors, plan a weekend hike in a neighbouring country.And, although your marriage may be enriching and full of joy, sometimes, it becomes easy to fall into a routine and we tend to forget that this happiness requires work to sustain.