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Note The edit buffer plays no role in record deletion.When you delete the current record, the record is marked as deleted, and the recordset is "not on a record" until you scroll to a different record.No matter how experienced you are, it's difficult to commit every little behavior and requirement to memory.

Taken collectively, the field data members of a recordset serve as an edit buffer that contains one record — the current record.Update operations use this buffer to operate on the current record.As an Access developer — or even as a power user — you won't get far if you can't work with the Recordset object.But it's easy to go astray, and there are a number of mistakes that even experts make. Often, we're unaware of a subtle nuance between the two object libraries, Data Access Objects (DAO) and Active X Data Objects (ADO).If both properties are True simultaneously, the Recordset is empty.

Tip: Including the Not operator is a matter of efficiency.

The most reliable check uses a simple If statement before executing a move method: The BOF property returns True when the current position is before the first record.

Similarly, EOF returns True when the current position is just beyond the last record.

I can safely say that I have been setting the mode to "Read/Write" since the start and have played around with the lock type, cursor location, and open method.

Nothing works on C#, BUT VB6 is so totally happy with everything. str Connect = "Server=; Database=;" // Set the connection properties.

The provider works fine, as VB6 works fine, and the lock type is also fine, so therefore the built in suggestions do not apply.