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As far as templates go: So, MILHIST is a bit messy since it doesn't use the WP Banner Meta template, but it looks like we don't need at all. for Indie games the Category: Unassessed_Indie_game_articles etc.

We also have ~390 articles, with none lower than Start (and 71% C or better) and over 150 GAs, FLs, and FAs, so we actively support enough content to stand alone.

--Agreed; they absolutely maintain enough vigor to stick around.

) under the Nintendo Task Force under Wiki Project Video Games).

Square Enix gets its own because we've been historically as active as all of the task forces/projects combined.

Would it be possible to utilize a system similar to the current "Featured Topics" but with a more "casual" approach, wherein articles are just organized by editors as a means of tracking quality for all games by a single company, games in a series, etc.

This would replace the functions of a lot of task forces and clean up the project a lot.-- I appreciate what you've done (actually, what have you done here? Tezero (talk) , (UTC) Yeah, I don't quite know why that happens- if you look in a category, it has a link that will tell you that it can take hours/days/weeks for things to show up sometimes if the category comes from a template on the page.Something, I know...), but I notice that the Sega categories, at least (technically they're redlinked, but you know), are massively underpopulated. You can force it to populate by doing a "null edit" on the talk page of the article (hit edit then save immediately), and I did that for a bunch of Indie articles, but other than that I guess you just have to wait.I would support creating a Fighting TF (merging Mortal Combat) and Platforming TF (merging Mega Man) as was suggested in the discussion in order to solve that issue.I realize there are a few spinoff games in each series that don't match those categories, but given that the projects are inactive anyway, I don't think that's going to be a problem.The indie categories seem to be adding a dozen a day, which means it will take a while.