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This version resembles the original Superposed model in which the stock panels mate to the receiver.The Type III - Radius Receiver/Long Tang Triggerguard refers to the Citori built from 1983 to the present.These firearms will contain the letter designation RR within the serial number.

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105850 111000 1938: 111001 118200 1939: 118201 126123 1940: 126124 126175 ****1940 1953**** "A" Prefix American made Browning by Remington Arms. No serial number distinction between the Sweet 16 and the Standard 16 gauge A5.

This is the unmarked Browning, era of the Sweet Sixteen.

65101 82750 1930 Barrel Address (US market) BROWNING ARMS COMPANY ST LOUIS MO 82751 90500 1931 90501 94000 1932 Introduction of the three shot Auto 3 with shorter magazine tube and shorter forearm marked Browning 3 Shot 94001 96072 1933 96073 96143 1934 Receiver legend Now with BROWNING and John M.

Brownings bust between TRADE and MARK 96144 99500 1935 99501 - 103500 1936 The "Sweet Sixteen" was released but limited to a test market.

This variation is often referred to as the coil spring Charles Daly.

The Type I - Slanted Receiver refers to the Citori made only in 1977.It is also the last year of the non-engraved sweet sixteen.The popularity and success of the Sweet Sixteen from 1937 through 1947 earned it a permanent place in Browning marketing as the 1948 engraved Sweet Sixteen.Type III - Radius Receiver / Short Tang Trigger Guard - All Field and Target models produced since August, 1994, as well as all Sporting Clays models have been manufactured using the short tang trigger guard.To find the year of proof of your (Post 1975) Browning or Miroku shotgun you’ll need to find the Serial Number.Current Browning factory nomenclature defines three types of Citori for parts identification purposes and there are actually four types to consider.