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Dating SA is an online dating service that'll help you find and connect with people like you.Our goal is simple - to add love, romance and fun to the lives of single people.Shortly after I began to block the ads, Facebook demanded to know (in bold letters, no less): “What is your relationship status? I ignored that demand; still, the corporate gods were undeterred by my efforts to excise their moneymakers. And like the serpent in the gardens of Eden, the English usage be damned.) Sensing they had me with the shepherd’s crook, I was immersed in ads for Christian Mingle: “Want a faithful woman? At least one site puts all of its cards on the table: “Ugly Females Inside? “Browse Faithful Singles in Your Area with Senior People Meet.” Pretty straightforward, but what struck me about this particular ad was that the model in the accompanying picture was a fairly recognizable porn star. Purloined pictures of famous porn stars are just one more reason I remain dubious about these sidebar ads; so much so that I read the headline, “Oodles of Dating Replies” as, “Oodles of Dating Reptiles”.

We're one of the oldest and best known dating communities on the web, and we have a unique, and very popular, secret weapon - our intelligent two-way matching feature.It's successfully launched thousands of happy and lasting relationships. Sign-up Free & start browsing pics instantly.” (Again, at first this sounds amusing: right up to the point where you realize that 25 is the new 14, and that watching an artless hipster down six straight Stella’s really isn’t all that much fun.) Admittedly, some women come with baggage, so Facebook plays the sympathy angle with: “Give Single Moms a Chance ~ Browse faithful sexy single moms in your area seeking a second chance at love.” (I already know of a place in this area where I can browse Scores of sexy single moms.) In a way, ridiculous personal ads on social media have almost supplanted spam email offers.Even so, some of these beauties have bypassed the spam filter in my Yahoo account: “Sleep with a married woman that wants you now” “If sex is just a memory for you, life has stopped long ago!Regardless, I’ve been inundated (oops, I just inadvertently typed the key word “date”) with personal ads, and it seems they are going from the ridiculous to the indecorous. According to one ubiquitous ad for, 1 in 5 relationships start online.

Match doesn’t say how many of those relationships end with either a restraining order or a bunny being boiled.~ Hello, I’m a Russian girls who want a sugar daddy. I will be your lamb.” (I don’t mean to split hairs here, but the Greeks do lamb way better than the Russians.) “Give Rich Women A Chance ~ Lonely Rich Women are seeking 40 men for a chance to love, Could you give them a chance? Will they help finance my next Broadway production? ~ A woman nearby secretly followed you and sent you a dating request! ” (I could click on the ad to see who she is, or perhaps I should just ask Facebook.) Not to be outdone by Match or Christian Mingle, Zoosk teased me with: “Are You Looking For Single Women? Riding horses (and chewing food for that matter) does require stamina. Facebook assures me that: “Older men are increasing their testosterone” I haven’t clicked on the ad, but I’m guessing that younger women are somehow involved.Speaking of which: “Younger Women Seeking Older Men ~ Would you date a younger woman?Sounds plausible, given that occasionally I will peruse the personals to see what my friends allege about themselves. But otherwise, I don’t have time to bother with personal ads. Hayes (my brother from a different mother) thinks the ads are tied to our “likes” or to key words in our status updates.As anyone who has stalked me on Facebook will tell you, I’m far too busy taking long, quiet walks on the beach. I post a wide array of musings, though more often than not said posts are simply odd news items, links to my stories, or wry remarks for my writer friends; nothing which would warrant an avalanche of dating ads.At first, I tried using the drop-down menu to block these inexorable ads.