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Plus, check out Wiz Khalifa’s possibly petty new single cover….Album in stores.”Chante: “You’ve spoken on radio stations and blogs and you’re on the show and fans want to know.

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Terrence worked in the diversity office of a sports company in Daytona Beach, Florida.His Frat brother Fred Whitaker phoned to tell him about BET's search for fresh faces, with the primary job of being the host of 106 & Park.Prince – Seemingly right after she was rumored to be with Bruno, rumors were spreading that she was with Rap-A-Lot records CEO and mega-millionaire, J.But that all went away after her vacation pics surfaced.Hmm, there is no point in ever interviewing Danger Mouse again, because he doesn't talk. Your pretty athletic, any huge fitness goals lined up? I didn't know if Janet was going to reject me, I didn't know if she would play along. If you could have anyone in worlds career, who would it be? Ryan Seacrest is doing an outstanding job, all those shows.

Personally it would be a huge challenge for me to do a marathon, since I was never good at distance running. Your show is on five days a week, any embarrassing on-screen moments? Tell me about the last time you were nervous on the show? And I didn't know if Jermaine Dupri was going to have goons waiting for me outside. Steve Harvey has had an excellent career, and no one talks about Steve but he does big numbers. Your co-host Rocsi just did a high profile magazine cover, where do you see your first cover landing?

Building on the success of the inaugural NFL Women's Summit at Super Bowl 50—the NFL evolves this year's Summit into an interactive experience for young women to discuss how to achieve goals, prepare for challenges, and utilize tools critical for personal and professional development.

Just as there are plays in sports, there are plays in everyday life.

Also that language on @106andpark its not even necessary”“She Be applauded for asking the hard question not being shut down”What’s your excuse Bow Wow?

I think Alsina has every right not to answer questions he’s not comfortable with (more celebrities need to do it actually), but to curse at the young woman?

Terrence J was a co-host of BET’s 106 & Park which can be seen in over 85 million homes in the U.