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“In a world where everyone can look great, it really comes down to emotional and true compatibility connections,” another said.

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I’m sure it will be archived if you miss the live event.“It’s a weird world,” says Bara Jonson, but that feels like a huge understatement.Jonas, whose real life was changed forever when he entered the world of Second Life.Only the last segment takes place in Second Life, but perhaps because that environment permits such extravagant alteration of identity, it stands out as the most important to the film.If you are on Facebook (more than 500 million people are active users), you can visit the film’s page, where dozens of people have posted their own stories of online dating.

“I met my partner in SL in 2009 and we are now living together in RL,” wrote one.The fear that permeates online dating has a special character, precisely because of the anonymity, concealment, and outright deception that are infinitely easlier to accomplish on the internet than in the realm those who live online describe as “RL.” Yes, you guessed it: Kim, who packed a wedding gown and flew to Prague to marry a man she had never spoken to.Dave, who met scores of women before having to reveal a physical shortcoming.It details the love story of Jonas Tancred (a middle-aged Swede who retires to a rural island with his mother, then enters Second Life as the avatar Bara Jonson, a nightclub owner and popular SL musician), and Beth Hayes, aka Nickel Borrelly (a younger American woman who advises Bara on his career, “marries” him in Second Life—and eventually has a child with him in RL).With Beth/Nickel’s guidance, Jonas/Bara develops a large SL following, playing daily gigs in virtual night spots and ampitheaters, becoming the first SL singer to be offered an RL recording contract, proffered by an avatar with a white Mohawk so enormous, he would have trouble walking upright in RL.Desire can speak for itself: boundless, ubiquitous, self-generating, ever-renewing.