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The 2017 National Adult and Influenza Immunization Summit was held on May 9-11, 2017 at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia.

Please check below for a complete overview of the meeting and associated activities, including the posters exhibited during the meeting, the recipients of the 2017 NAIIS Immunization Excellence Awards, and individual presentations given during each session of the Summit, as well as a short biography of each presenter.

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“Seeking” presents each portrait alongside the subject’s Craigslist ad, which, taken together, convey a dizzying range of interests, personalities, desires, projects, anxieties.

Many of the people posting are new to town, hoping to get a foothold in New York life.

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“We already know everyone’s looking for love,” Garritano told me in an e-mail.

“I’m more concerned with our social requirements beyond romance.”Garritano contacted his subjects through their ads (he got no response to “90 or 95%” of the messages he sent, he told me) then arranged the sittings, where he would come up with the mood for the shots more or less on the spot, based on the subjects’ personalities and his interactions with them.A woman who lists her age as sixty, her body type as “athletic,” her likes as “generosity, fair play, forgiveness,” and her dislikes as “egoism, psychopathy and greed” is captured standing next to a large tree in a park, in slanting evening light.She’s shot from far away, and it’s hard to make out her features, but she’s wearing a pink scarf and sensible shoes and has her hands folded demurely in front of her.The man featured here posted an ad with the subject line “Are you taking the time to enjoy the moment?- m4w.”any person who desires such queer prizes,” E. White wrote in his classic essay “Here Is New York,” in 1949, “New York will bestow the gift of loneliness.” It remains an essential paradox of the city—that a place with so many people living so close together can also be so isolating."We hope we'll pleasantly surprise some curiously intrigued women on Missed Connections," says agency chief creative officer Steve Red, "and that they'll sparkle a little bit more the next time they catch someone's eye." This much is crystal clear: In a world where everything's an ad, sometimes even ads come disguised as other ads.